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Thread: This time it's not entirely my fault.

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    This time it's not entirely my fault.

    So I make the trip to the city to buy some hi-end gear oil for the front wheel drive box of my motorcycle and I pass one of the sporting goods stores. They are having a sidewalk sale for hunting clothes so I stop in and find some grey-green mossey oak gear in my size for 75% off and I buy it. I wander into the store-proper to see if any other bargain were to be had.

    In the used gun rack there is a high end Savage .308. Armored synthetic stock, adjustable comb, accu-stock (aluminum bedding block) and a muzzle break at the end of a long barrel. It has a 20 MOA rail mounted. The price is $519. I am not an expert on Savage rifles but it looks vaguely like the police model I was considering a year or two back. That rifle was $895 though. So, not knowing what I was looking at, I call my good friend (a member of this board, I might add) and ask him. He tells me that it is indeed the rifle I thought it was and that this was a "take it home now" price. I talk to the sales clerk. It seems that this rifle was their display model, set up with a Vortex scope and bipod and that while unfired, it was technically a 2nd hand gun because the store owned it. (and probably wrote it off on their taxes) It still has the box and papers.

    Well. I have about $80 left in my pocket and no check-book within 60 miles. I talk the clerk and manager into taking a deposit on the gun until I can get back with the rest of the money in a couple of weeks. They are nice about it and the deal is done. I'll pick it up in a couple of weeks.

    Another mouth to feed but I'm not claiming full responsibility on this one. If Marine PMI had told me to walk away I would have, but he didn't, so he bears a good bit of the responsibility. I may be the vehicle of my own destruction, but I'm not the driver.~Muir

    PS: And another thing! I spent all of my money on the rifle and didn't have any left for the gear oil. Dammit.

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    muir enjoy your new toy regards pete .

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    Your gun cabinate must be the same size as my living room lol. Enjoy

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    Muir you should put up a photo of your collection some time... if you can borrow a panoramic camera!

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    You go into the city for motor oil, find the right size cammo for 75% off and then spot the deal of the century.

    Is the name of the city Paradise by any chance??

    "Envy, green, with"....rearrange into well known saying.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    Muir you should put up a photo of your collection some time... if you can borrow a panoramic camera!
    I have the camera. It's hard to get them all in one place for a photo. I can't get into my main gun room without tripping these days. I gave my daughter her 17 or 18 guns last fall. I thought it would help but it didn't make a dent. One of these days, I'm going to have my son remove his remaining 30 or so. That might help.

    Too much stuff.~Muir

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    I hope there's room for that special one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post

    PS: And another thing! I spent all of my money on the rifle and didn't have any left for the gear oil. Dammit.
    That's no problem, as luck would have it... you'll be back in town in a fortnight anyway.

    The bike will manage on whatever oil you've got, till then, surely?

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    That excuse won't work with the wife.....

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