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Thread: spotted red deer

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    spotted red deer

    was out stalking last night and i shot a nice 8 point red stag which had a fair amount of white spots on him its the first ive seen with spots has any body come across this before thanks swatty ill try and post pictures later not that you can really see the spots as pictures were taken in the dark back at larder

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    i was thinking along them lines problem is there shouldnt be any sika round my parts but there is talk of odd ones getting close

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    This was a hind i shot in Mull last year (no sika on Mull), the spots were mainly on her hind quarters, she was an older hind, as you can see the one on my right is a calf and it had no spots.

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    a nice bag there moose , nice rifle too

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    I think it's likely just normal red variation ,seen similar a couple of times, it's like some of the spots from juvenile coat has just continued to show. A bit like seeing really dark hinds or pale coated deer. I hope the pic was taken from the ATV or you would of worked up a sweat dragging that haul home!

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyhunt View Post
    possibly muntjac brian

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    most likely a bit of muntie maybe a bit of cwd as well i coidy scots stalker dont worry just my mate and his funny sense of humour i dont think he believes i heard a sika whistle a couple of years ago on the ground were i took this stag i carnt upload pictures which is a shame a spots were in horizontal lines right across the rib cage and down the flanks

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    you telt me you had na time for pic ma ha??????????

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