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Thread: costs of stalking

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    costs of stalking

    im a fox shoter living in wiltshire who would like to do more stalking i have been shooting rifles for near on 13 years and have acumulated near on 8000 acres of fox shooting but i am struggling to get ground to stalk on and i only realy have 200 acres which i can truly call my own to stalk and to be honest the farmer tollerates me shooting the deer and does not see it as a favour to him what i would like to know is how does evreyone come accross there stalking and how much do you pay per acre if its not to rude as im not the earl of wiltshire by a long shot and cant shell out thousands on stalking this is not a begging letter for somone to offer me any stalking im just asking for a few pointers in the right direction

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    First of all welcome my freind,
    All I can say is its a money thing,

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    SLA Welcome

    I too am in the fine county of Wiltshire

    The cost per acre depends on a lot of things but somehow the "going rate" starts at £1 / Acre usually but there are other ways to do it


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    it certainly does seem to be a money thing and i do find it some what sad it seems to me that most of the stalking in wiltshire is owned by a very small number of people with a lot of money and contacts and who are able to off set the costs by selling trophy bucks and carcases

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    when I was in Country Pursuits in Cricklade, Wilf said that stalking is hard to find in Wiltshire, maybe worth having a chat with him. Very nice and helpful.

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    The costs of stalking are a personal thing or just how bad you want to stalk.

    People charge plenty for the pleasure, of day outings and then again just how many outings can you have a year, so there are pros and cons for a syndicate or day outings, where you'll find over the course of the year if you go accompanied pay £175.00 for 4 outings per year =£700.00 or join a syndicate of 2000 acres and pay the same .

    In this way of thinking you haven't got the hassle of syndicate paper work you just turn up, pay your cash do a shooting test done, if they've done there home work you've got a beast .

    On the other you've got to find a syndicate, that is recruiting members find and send all the junk, go and have a look at the ground , hope that before the lease was let ,that the commission or others haven't, been in and hammered the ground for numbers before the let date .

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