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Thread: Ever witnessed a fox trying to take a Roe Fawn?

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    Ever witnessed a fox trying to take a Roe Fawn?

    Out yesterday sat up alongside a wood bordered by a headland that runs round a maze field
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    Out pops a roe doe at the end of the field(they are in the picture at the end of the field,you'll have to zoom in) followed by a fawn and they both start feeding,all of a sudden the fawn bleats and runs in between the doe and the wood, the doe spins round to face the maze, starts stamping and barking at which point the vixen shows out of the maze and tries to take the fawn but the doe's having none of it and stands her ground, at this point the vixen caught a 140g nosler and dropped on the spot at this the doe stamps her foot and wanders off taking the fawn with her.

    Now we all know about fawn predation by foxes but have you ever seen does defending fawns from them?


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    That an amzing story, I would never have though a fox would try and take a fawn. Having said that I have shot a few taking lambs.

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    ive never witnessed it but ive found many fawn legs at earths in the past but non more than a week or two old

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    Fantastic story. I often wondered about Fox Predation and posted a Thread asking about it. I was thinking more of new borns though and i am amazed a Fox would have a go now they are a few months old. Having said that it would seem that Fox are getting Bolder all the time.
    Bet that little Roe Kid thinks he has the hardest Mum in the Forest.
    You certainly unwound its Spring with that 140 Nosler


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    Here's one I shot last year that was dragging a still warm Roe fawn,so he had to go.....poaching my Deer is a lose lose situation..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by re'M'ington View Post
    Here's one I shot last year that was dragging a still warm Roe fawn,so he had to go.....poaching my Deer is a lose lose situation..........

    Look at him, he's still got his eye on the kid .


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    I witnessed the same thing about a month ago.
    The Roe Doe had two Fawn's in some tall reed's and the Fox tried for approx 15 mins to get at them!
    But she was having none of it put up a great fight wish i had taken a video of it.
    Had to help her out and shot the Fox.
    Still see her and her young in the same area.
    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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    That so reminds me of earlier this year.
    When calling in a doe, with a fawn distress call, I saw that directly behind her was a fox, trotting in her footsteps, when the doe stopped so did the fox although at this point the doe was not aware the fox was about 10 ft behind her, the grass was quite long and I only saw it because of the movement, when the doe turned to go away she then saw it, there was a stand off for a few seconds, then the doe jumped forward and stamped her front feet down hard at the fox, the fox stood his ground but the doe went at him again much more vigorously and he turned and ran into the hedge.The doe moved into the barley watching us, I told the client to bring the rifle up ready were the fox had run in and did the fawn distress call again, after a few calls and about two minutes out he came again, looking for the fawn, all he saw was a bright light between the eyes

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    A couple of years ago a group of "nature lovers" at a livery stable watched as a fox repeatedly approached a roe kid laid in bracken. The doe chased it off down the hill, this happened time and time again until eventually the doe gave up exhausted and stood at the foot of the hill while the fox returned and took the kid. I found the remains later. All the witnesses had at times expressed their views on my fox control in the area.
    I detected a change in their attitude after this event!

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    Predation by foxes has quite an effect on young roe but there is a small time window when they are preyed upon
    normally not much beyond six weeks of age, though in times of hard weather for example its not unknown for older
    possibly weak animals to be attacked.

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