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Thread: Pay as you shoot Range

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    Pay as you shoot Range

    Can any body tell me if there are any pay as you shoot ranges in the Worcester/Warwickshire area please ?

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    The Bog, Minsterly may be your closest

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    hi mate we are pay as you go here at calton moor range 10 hour if your interested have a look at our web site



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    Corinium Range near Kemble. About an hours drive from Worcester. t: 01453 835021 m: 07970 752275 Owner's a nice bloke and very helpful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdsniper View Post
    Thanks for the info gents
    Yep those are the closest.
    I'm just up the road from you and have been to both.
    Agree totally with all the comments. Both excellent ranges and within (about) an hour.
    Speak to Paul at Corinium or Mike at Carlton Moor. Both excellent blokes, knowledgeable and helpful.
    PM me if you fancy a trip to either?


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    I posted a new thread about pay as you shoot in the South East (Kent) don't suppose anybody knows of any down this way?

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