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Thread: Is this a new world record? :-)

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    Is this a new world record? :-)

    A lovely evening tonight, so I decided that a couple of hours under a tree was well in order, I strolled down to the bottom of the scratching area and got myself comfortable at exactly 18:15 hrs. I loaded my rifle had a quick scan along the hedge-line about 120 yards to my front, and just to warm up let out a couple of screams from the caller, instantly this young lady sprang from the bushes and headed directly towards me got to 50 yards stopped with what can only be described as an "Oh ****" look on her face and dropped as a home load 95 gn SST drilled through her chest. At 18:20 I was heading back to the kitchen for a cup of tea.

    Double bonus as this was my first use of my home loaded ammunition which I had spent several hours on the range on Friday perfecting.

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    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    "Smoke me a kipper - i'll be back for breakfast"

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    Ops, sorry. Should be fixed now

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    foxes are such lovely looking creatures , pity they are b********ds lol

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    A fox in cracking condition there!
    Nice 1

    "Smoke me a kipper - i'll be back for breakfast"

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    my first stalk lasted 7.5 minutes. you beet me.

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    I've had a couple of really short sessions. On one of them I drove up to my mate's farm in an attempt to catch up with a problem fox there. I climbed out of the truck and as the cold hit me I muttered words to the effect of 'Jolly damn gosh it is a little chilly tonight'. I then looked into the field where I was going to put the caller, only to discover that it was full of cattle. 'Oh jolly damn', thought I. I then climbed up a bank to look into the next field, but there was nothing there. As I turned to climb down, I spotted a cat on the driveway. The cat then turned sideways - 'Goodness me, that's a fox'. Bang. Game over. Total hunt time about fifty seconds. Mind you, I'm out pretty well every night, so you'd expect to get lucky every now and then!

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    I managed to get two vixens in fifteen minutes a month or so ago, literally shot one, picked her up. Went back to my lying up point, reloaded and another one appeared on the bait! A short nights work!

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    Neil's is so good at foxing its unreal. LOL

    Keep practising with your new home loads alot of satifaction in loading your own ammo and shooting foxes with them too

    Cheers Andrew

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