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Thread: What a beauty - 10-points

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    What a beauty - 10-points

    First ever red stag and in the beautiful Scottish highlands. Mixed weather (including sleet), bagged a Munro as well and after leaving the argocat to walk on foot, 5 hours later finally a suitable shot presented itself. And even the weather turned out fine.

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    nice one.
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    Cracking picture, most jealous. No stags this year and missing the hills like mad already. Am sure by the end of sept I will be dreaming of the roaring....

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    Well done mate great beast, stalking in the Highlands, yi canny beat it

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    Well done Virbius, great picture.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    thats a nice one. well done. its only two weeks and ill be there my self, cant wait

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    Bonny beast and a day Im sure you will never forget.

    Well done


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    Well done, looks a good animal. Do you know what it weighed clean.

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