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Thread: s & b sun shade

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    s & b sun shade

    any ideas where i can get one of these to fit my 8 x 56 scope

    been looking around but cant find anything,


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    Yorks guns or The Sportsman both usually have them in stock last time I bought an Aluminimum 50mm one it was about 25

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    i did check with the sportman gun centres but they didnt have any, will check yorks guns

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    im sure york guns are the main importers of schmidt scope could be wrong tho so i think they are as suggested your best bet i tried about 3 years ago to get one at the cla game fair and not one stand had one they are realy hard to find good luck

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    I bought one for mine last week from york guns.
    35 inc post, a bit slow to post out though.
    Now the scope looks like a bloody great big drain pipe on my rifle now.


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