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    Brief intro

    After a bit of a gap (where DOES the time go...??), I'm back to visiting the site again; I originally registered some time ago, but thought that I'd better drop in my brief introduction. My Mum would be very disappointed if she thought that my manners were slipping!

    I'm 39, live in West Lancashire and started shooting with air-rifles at the age of 13. Air-rifles were my 'thing' until around 7 years ago, when a change of circumstances (different job, move to a new area) led to new opportunities... I still shoot an air-rifle (Air Arms S410K in .177), but put in for my FAC and SGC 6 years ago, and now also have the following:
    - Anschutz 1517 .17HMR, Lynx scope, SAK mod
    - Tikka T3 Lite .243, Swarovski scope, PES mod
    - Miroku MK60 12b o/u
    - Zabala 20b s/s
    ....and space on my ticket for an FAC air-rifle.

    I shoot game, vermin, and have stalked a couple of roebuck and had half a dozen (successful) stalking trips for cull red stags/hinds since acquiring the T3 a couple of years ago (I'm not in a syndicate and don't have my own stalking permission - I'm in the 'shell-out/travel' contingent). In addition, I went to South Africa for a week last year for a plains game hunt.

    I work on the principle of "the stupidest question is the one that you don't ask", so as I regard myself as still very much a novice, that's my excuse for asking numbskull questions

    Glad to be back!


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    Glad to have you back hope the trip to SA went well. Dont be afraid to ask questions on here. No one is fool proof and there is always scope to learn no matter who you are.

    All the best


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    Thanks for the welcome . The trip to SA was brilliant; When I get chance I'll drop a brief account into the big game and safari section (how do I drop photos in? Cut n paste?? Just import them into the body of the text?? )

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