I got through the letter from the FC letting us know if we got the deer manamement permission we were interviewed for last week. My letter was good news and the permission that I put in for with 4 others has been offered to us. There will be a few people that missed out and i'm sure will be disappointed but the main thing is that people tried.

What I will say though that things were made clear during the process that are very important to people who are looking for FC leases. The first thing is that the tender pack you put in for consideration needs to be properly presented and provide all the details requested by the forms provided. It seems that many tenders become bin fodder because of poor presentation and or missing key details. Another thing is confirming details sent by letter about how your tender did if you were unsuccessful in getting to the interview stages. A chap on my tender phoned to find out where he could have improved because he didn't reach the interview stage. The person he talked to at the FC soon confirmed that he'd been sent the wrong letter and was due to come for interview the next week!

The main thing though is in the experience and value added elements. Things like number of visits, locality and ability of the controllers to assess and well as control on the permission. The 'price' you offer is only worth 10% of the score which is certainly not nearly as important as the other elements of your tender. The example being if I offered £300 for a lease and another chap offered £900 and he was the highest amount I still get a third of his score.

Congrats to all who got offered FC permissions todays and those who will get confirmation in the next day or so. For those who didn't get the permission they wanted don't worry about it, keep at it and ask for feedback to see what you could improve on for next time.