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Thread: Daypack/Backpack

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    I'm looking to buy a decent daypack for those all day stalks, preferably with a camelpak pouch and camo coloured.
    Re capacity, I don't think I will need anything more than 25L of capacity.

    Any suggestions?

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    You should be able to pick up what was commonly called an "NI Daysack" normal DPM Pattern from Army surplus.

    Squaddies are now getting issued MTP Daysacks, so there should be some DPM once kicking about.

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    ''eberlestock'' do a large range,sizes that enable you to take the sink or just your lunch,the great thing is they come with a scabard included so for day long stalks must be a better option.or try evil bay for similar versions
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    I have this one which I think is the dogs nuts!

    Bushline 27 Litre Backpack - NEW PRODUCT

    Yet another 7mm08 user....

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    I've had a Berghaus Munroe for 19 years - simple and bomb-proof

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    I have a pair of Ribz which are pretty handy - I put a pair of small water bottles in - one in each side to balance. This means I can wear them with a pack and especially a roe sack if I have to.

    Bit weird at first but very handy up a high seat/ having everything in front of you.

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    Depends on what you want I always found a back pack to be a pain for the rifle to sit correctly on my shoulder so I purchased a eberlestock dragonfly loads of space, it fits a roe in the large compartment and it holds your rifle to. Its rated for "if you can carry it it will" sort of limit with lots of pockets.

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    I got one of these good quality kit, pick up for about 100 which I know is not cheap, I put all my stalking gear in it, take out what is not required when I get to the ground then off with a light and comfortable backpack. Also very good for lamping to put the battery in and as hand luggage for your hols.

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    Does anyone know if Eberlestock have a UK stockist.

    I really want to get one of these, just not willing to pay $80 postage

    H1 Mini-Me Hydration Hunting Pack

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