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Thread: Docter scopes.... are they any good?

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    Docter scopes.... are they any good?

    I searched the site before dropping this in to try and avoid repetition if this had already been covered; apologies if I've missed it, but all I could find was passing references to them during 'Zeiss vs S&B' discussions....

    I'm considering a new scope (variable, 30mm tube, illuminated reticule) and having looked at the S&B / Zeiss / Swarovski options - and nearly passed out at the prices - I wanted to see if anyone had any experience of a wild-card option, ie the Docter range of scopes? They are certainly not a 'cheap' scope, but are, ermm, "less expensive" than the others listed, and are still - I believe - German-made. I don't want to buy cheap and buy twice, but the differential IS something that is counted in hundreds of pounds.

    I'm thinking of the 2.5-10x48 or 3-12x56.

    Any feedback/opinions gratefully received!



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    I have heard nothing but good about them. I think McAvoys guns in Lancs had an as new secondhand one for sale on guntrader for 600 in 3-12x56


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    Cheers Ian - I saw the ad on Guntrader on Friday night, slipped up to McAvoys 1st thing yesterday morning to have a look at it - and the scope had been sold a few days earlier! DOH!!! That'll teach me to ring ahead & check first..... (luckily I don't live far away)

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    Docter scopes....are they any good?

    Hi Merlin, Boght one from Ladds of Crediton about ten years ago for my 6.5x55. A 1.5-6x42 Very clear optics and no problems.

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    Docter scopes are very good. They come from old Zeiss Jena plant in East Germany.
    They are (or at least should be) significantly cheaper than real Zeiss, Swaro, S&B. If the price was similar to those top 3 I would not buy Docter.

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    Morning chaps - thanks for the input, especialy the direct recommendation .

    If the Docter vs 'the others' price gap was neither here nor there, I would probably go for on of the others (I have a Swarovski on my Tikka .243, and it is a great scope), but - and it is a pretty big but - the gap is something that you're counting as hundreds of pounds

    I think I'll put a Docter-sized dent in my credit card today..

    Let you know what I make of it once I've used it a bit.


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    Docter scopes are excellent.In the evening I could see deer through my Leica bino`s but not through my S&B 3-12x50 so bought a 3-12x56 Docter,low light not a problem any more,decide for yourself.

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    Check out IOR scopes they're not badly priced and you get alot of scope for your money.

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    I've been using an 3-12 x 56 unipoint for two years. I get out stalking once or twice a week in all conditions.
    First the plus points. The optics are second to none. I have compared it with my mates Zeis top of the range and S&B ,as clear if not clearer, particularly for low light they are awsome.
    One potential negative is the eye relief, my scope has a very long front 'bell' which means the front ring has has to be quite far back, in other words pushing the scope forwards. This may not be a problem on your rifle but I should mount it in the shop to make sure it fits ok.
    The main bug bear I have with it is the Illumination which is a push button system which is a pain in the ass. Particularly in the evening as it gets darker you have to keep on checking and then having to do two long pushes on button to gett it dimmer or you forget and and look at you quarry and last light and the dots too bright and it is a fiddle to get it darker. I generally set it as dim as i can just see it and it may need a further adjust at last light.
    I have had a problem with the illumination buton falling apart which caused it to fail acouple of times before I knew what was wrong . Docter service was amazing as I email Germany and a new button cap appeared in the post by first class a day later. I have another problem at the mo in that the illumination is v dim so shall have to try and sort that out now.
    I haven't really sold it have I . I do love the scope and would recommend one (mine was 500 second hand) your getting alot of scope (they look really good too!)for your money and I feel otperform much more expensive ones. shame about the illumination though, they've tryed to be too clever why can't they have a twisty knob like everybody else.
    If you've already bought one then well done and good luck. Let us know how you get on.

    Regards George

    PS have jst noticed they do an anologue illumination on the Classic. Definately go for this one. it is cheaper too.
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    I have owned doctor, zeiss, and S&B and found the doctor every bit as good as the other two.
    My mate was comparing his doctor to a S&B at dusk and he said the doctor was brighter.
    Another mate bought a IOR scope with a 56mm obj and gave it to me to try for a few days.
    I found it poor in low light.
    My 50mm zeiss conquest was a lot brighter and clearer at dusk.

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