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Thread: Bavarian mountain hound

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    Bavarian mountain hound

    Bavarian mountain hound bitch for sale, PM for more information. Genuine enquiries only please

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    How old is she?

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    Could you call me on 07760908442 regarding bmp
    thanks george

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    This bitch is still for sale. 550. PM for more info

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    Is that to make room for the slovak (HEHEHE)
    Long range Foxing reach out and touch the red fellas

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    Lol funny mate lol
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    Is that to make room for the slovak (HEHEHE)

    For Gods sake don't fire him up

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    Humm makeing loads of space lol

    She mate someone a great stalking companion

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    I cannot believe someone has not snapped up this great little stalking dog, are you really trying to sell her Kevin, beacause I know how hard you found it to make the decision to let her go.

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