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Thread: Big Cats Revisited

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    Big Cats Revisited

    I’m hesitant to necro a dead topic but I though this might be useful to some. I noticed that some threads on this forum discuss the controversial topic of big cats in Brittan. I am on the fence on the truth of these matters myself, but I will defer to the opinions of you fellows who have been on the ground there in the UK. Anyway, I thought this pamphlet might come in handy for any who care to take a look. It is a PDF of a field guide put out by the Eastern Cougar Network. By the way, if you are at all interested in the subject of the resurgence of cougar in the Eastern US this is a great website.

    The document gives pretty detailed information on identifying cougar sign, including tracks and kills. I thought this might be handy for those who might come across a potential kill, as some on this forum claim to have done. It is better to have an authoritative source to differ to rather than hearsay, after all. Cheers.

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    I was on the fence, well actually climbing over one when I saw one.

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    Was it Andys place in Scotland, i say this as i think you might be a Yorkshire lad. Heard of tracks but not a sighting there.

    I have seen what i thought was a big cat Kill the other year up near Hawes in north yorkshire. on telling my wife on retun she said it came on the radio a lady had reported one crossing the road nearby the same day. Nothing was resolved

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    LOL, nice response bobt. As I meant to make clear before, I give high weight of authority to your experience. I posted this not to stir up talk about this issue for controversy’s sake, but to make everyone who is interested aware of this field guide that I think is interesting and potentially useful. Enjoy.

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    No I saw one in Yorkshire about 8 years ago, and another also big and black a couple of years ago, both in good light about 100yds away,
    a few mates locally report seeing them close far too close.

    the only common thing is that they are all near railway lines.

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    I saw one at 20yrds it wasn't bothered....................... but I was on a old railway siding. Somebody else reported seeing it and this made the local paper.

    My Father in law and sister in law were standing side by side while they watched one walk over a field.

    Best rgds


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    A mate of mine saw one a few yards away in the local woods, it stopped and snarled at him his labrador hid behind him

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobt
    A mate of mine saw one a few yards away in the local woods, it stopped and snarled at him his labrador hid behind him
    I had a ESS with me she didn't seemed bothered about it, mind you she was useless.

    Best rgds


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    My question is, are these sightings genuine?

    I mean Bill Oddity never had them on his show


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    Aint that just a typical Lab ? retrospectively i bet he was glad he didn't have a gamer dog with him, not a fight that would last long and i wouldn't want to be the one to break it up !

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