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Thread: Roe fawn

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    Roe fawn

    Saw a still spotty fawn this morning - expecting a re-rut in October

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    .............would this be a late fawn or an early 2013 fawn If so, i've seen the first one

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    If it was a Roe kid and born this late !! it probably won't survive the winter.
    I am not sure a Roe would carry this late, that would indicate that she was very heavily pregnant during the rut !!!

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    He's kidding!


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    It was a roe!!! - time and nature will tell if it survives.......

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    Got a nice video from last week of a small very spotty roe fawn at heel, plus two others still very much in the spotty phase and only a little bigger, but happy to be loitering way behind 'mum' - for interest how old are they when they lose the spots?

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    I would guess the one that i saw was about 2 weeks old. They generally loose their spots - slowly - at about 4-5 weeks. I will watch the progress of this fawn but fear it may become casualty to the many deer unfriendly ditches in the does territory. I saw my first fawn of the year in late April, giving a four month span between fawns. As with my earlier posting, it will be interesting to see if a mini rut occurs - with cast bucks possibly being involved.

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    I always thought, and was taught, that although roe does "fawn", they produce KIDS. To quote Lew Potter, "There is much to be said for kidding."


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    Always been a FAWN to me. The other is the preserve of goats. " Don't approach a goat from the front, a horse from the back, or a fool from any side"

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