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Thread: pesty badgers

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    pesty badgers

    Hi guys

    a friend of mine has badgers that keep digging up his lawn at night

    what can he do legally to deter these unwanted pests?

    I suggested he buys a water bazuka and does a jasper carrot and moley scene with head torch and swivel chair.

    with thanks

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    put an electric fence around the garden

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    he could invite a couple non specific eastern European visitor rount for a bbq, apparently they can kill and eat anything here and it's ok.

    Appart from that a good fence, not electric though!

    ps only joking about the first bit, badger is as tough as buzzard

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    Tank traps might stop them.

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    They are after the leather jackets and chafers ......expensive if you have large sports fields not too bad on garden size to spray or granular treatment should remove the pests then the badgers who love these bugs .

    Ps the granular called merit turf I think .
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    Try to get some lions poo from a zoo & spread on the roses that might put them off.

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    Invite the bunny huggers round to watch them .................................................. ... the racket and smell they brign around will deter the Brocks.

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    can you legally do that??? or do you need a liecence.
    Quote Originally Posted by news of the world View Post
    Cage traps, and relocate them!
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Get some chickens , you can then legally shoot badgers that are attacking your chickens problem solved

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