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    Sat out tonight, after a fox, who has been helping himself to chickens, at a local free range farm. We saw him briefly in the lamp last night, only for him to give it shoes and socks! No success!
    So tonight, I set the foxpro out, about 80yds and sat quiet as dusk approached. I tried various calls, and scanned the paddocks with a pair of 7x50 slc Swarro bins. The light had just about gone, I was ready to give up, when I saw some movement through the bins. So I quickly picked up the rifle, but failed to find him in the scope! I turned the zoom down to min 3X but still couldn't find him against the grass. Back to the bins, found him sitting, staring at the foxpro. Again through the scope, he wasn't obvious! After the fox approached the caller, he got some scent and legged it, so game over!
    Just goes to show that even the best rated scopes( z6i 3-18x50) have their limitation compared to binos.
    As for Charlie, I may have to have an early startin the morning, so we can get better aquainted!

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    Them 72mm objective lens ziess are ment to be the best in poorest light,you would expect them to be really,I've been in that situation so many times,binos far better than the scope.

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    Yes familiar story. Ever since i had my Leicas situations arose that I could see the fox through my bins and not through my Leupold. NV me thinks or a very good buddy with a lamp as you will have about 2 seconds to shoot as soon as the lamp goes on.

    Dead rabbit pegged next to the caller may help to keep charlie there a little longer.


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