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Thread: Gun carrying - which way?

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    Gun carrying - which way?

    Which way should you carry your gun when deer stalking? The DSC1 course teaches gun at front and muzzle down but what is the norm? I heard that it is muzzle up when stalking in Scotland.

    Are there any rules and general etiquette and if muzzle up are there rules about whether the chamber is loaded?


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    The way I look at it is if the rifle is pointing down and you are walking along a track perhaps with a friend and the gun goes of you or your friend may catch a bit of ricichet or fragmented stone your dog may walk past at the wrong moment. it should be undercontrol but not beyond the relms of possiblity. The likely hood of you coming to some mischif of a greator or lesser degree I would say is medium.

    If on the other hand the muzzle is up and is accidentaly discharged then the likely hood of you or any one elsse for that matter getting hit is extreamly fine although possible.

    Best plan; how ever you carry your rifle ensure by good practice and good maintenance that it is never discharged accidentaly!!


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    It's horses for courses. My rifles have moderators and bipods on, which makes them easier to carry muzzle-down. It's also force of habit from carrying an SA80 muzzle-down when in the Army.

    If I am crashing around on a rocky Scottish hillside, it is always muzzle-up for me.

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    Generally when stalking on the hill the rifle is carried muzzle up if not in a case , however it is best practice for the rifle not to have a round chambered.
    When woodland stalking especially if on your own it is quite normal to have a round in the chamber and safety on.
    I think the important thing is that you are aware of the direction of the muzzle and are aware of the repercussions of what may happen if the rifle discharged.
    The fitting of moderators makes it uncomfortable to carry the rifle muzzle up, I have a "rucksack" style sling which makes a huge difference on the hill.

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    Muzzle up for me there is always the risk of plugging the rifle when crossing soft boggy ground. This would have catastrophic effect on the rifle man if it was to be fired in such a condition. On the open Hill the same i carry my rifle slung over the shoulder round the back of the head and remove it for the final move in and stalk

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    For people who do like to carry muzzle down a length of insluation tape over the muzzle will help to prevent plugging if theres a mishap, but it does nothing to prevent damage to the crown, which is another consideration..

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    Either - Or!

    Just be aware of your muzzle direction at all times.

    Rgds Ian

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    Muzzle up or down
    it's upto you
    Scotland ,England, Wales , New Zealand , Africa or even Nova Scotia
    if you hav a T8 and Bipod on , then the muzzle automactically wants to point down
    go with your own experiences and learn from it
    i like muzzle up, as that was the way i was taught
    dojn't mean to say it is the right way or safest

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    I use a Safari sling:

    ...But I have my rifle pointing upwards rather than horizontal like in the picture. I like it because you can see the muzzle at all times, I'm not keen on seeing down someone else's barrel, which what tends to happen when they sling their rifle over one shoulder muzzle up, then decide to pick up their binos with both hands: the muzzle tends to drop down.

    Also, if you need to crawl, then the rifle hangs below you and won't smack you in the head and you can get into position without unslinging.

    I find the rifle is secure and does not move around leaving both hands free without having to steady the rifle at all, also easier to negotiate low hanging branches. It can be a bit of a tangle with the binos, what I tend to do is to strap the binos across one shoulder like the rifle, then let it hang to your side when you pick up the rifle.

    Works for me...

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    ...Although I will add that I've been described as looking like Rambo, an important point though if you come across Joe public, it's a bit more menacing than just seeing the end of your barrel (+mod) over your shoulder. Also potentially more visible to deer if you have shiny rifle?

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