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Thread: where did that whole burglary thread go?

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    where did that whole burglary thread go?

    I was in the middle of repling to the thread on the news of the gang burglary and shooting but then there was and error and I can't find the thread. What happened?

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    Me too!

    I guess it wasd judged too liklely to degenerate and likely to touch on legally sensitive areas.

    Probably wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamus View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamus View Post

    It all comes down to 2 questions:

    1. Should the maintenance of law and the punishment of law breakers be mandated to society ('the state') or the individual.
    2. To what extent do we trust the state to protect us and punish law breakers.

    We will all have slightly different answers to that.

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    Thieving b******s is nothing safe these days ?

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    I was just going to say that surely in circumstances where someone is terrified and the safety of others is also their concern there needs to be provision in law to protect these people in their home or wherever?

    Stolen... that was classic

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    And there was I half way through this:

    One of the main 'problems' with English law is that its based on case law....i.e. its already happened and been reviewed by, in most cases, folk far removed from living in thieving scums society. Its a system that, for the most part, works very well and has done for a long time.
    I'm lucky, i'm such a crap shot I'd probably shoot them in the foot with a shotgun but I do have a couple of other lines of defense

    1 A Bonnie. A Bonnie would do an intruder no good at all.
    2 Head office...the only person I know that enjoyed the riots in Liverpool in 1981 because 'it allowed us to really get to know some of the locals'!!

    All joking aside given the increasing likely hood that a toerag is entering your property specifically targeting you, whilst you're at home, to get at those firearms we take so much care to lock away with separate safes for bullets and bolts etc, what is the likely mindset of the victim going to be?
    Oh they are just breaking in for the tv/betamax?
    Or, are they breaking in, while we are here, with the intent to maim and torture or even kill to gain access to the gun safe?

    I also note in one of Jambo's posts:

    'Why do you think the police are issued with battons and CS spray nowadays?'

    If I were to keep a 'batton' it could be seen as premeditated use of an offensive weapon
    If I was to keep CS spray then I'd be guilty of a section5 firearms offence

    Why? If its good enough for the police to protect us/themselves why can't we?

    Were is the sense in all this? Where is the justice? Why is English law above the law of the jungle which is what it is out there. Our oh so good society works when its citizens all agree to a common good, when someone steps outside of that common good we need a new set of rules so that they understand the potential ramifications of their actions.

    Have the pikeys been in?
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    I keep a battle axe in my bed at all times.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    I keep a battle axe in my bed at all times.....
    Tut tut!

    ......And now I can say nothing... without incriminating myself.... again.

    BTW, as of half an hour ago I have to drive to Glasgow this evening. So, will be in touch.

    Crikey! ... just realised how that might be misinterpreted... it's a business thing, nothing sinister....
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