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Thread: First deer

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    First deer

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ID:	18927Just want to give Tikka T3 a big thank you for my second and successful stalk Sunday.
    After a long morning stalk starting at 5am and only seeing a glimpse of a deer that disappeared off, i really was looking forward to a large double everything brunch. Having cleared my plate i was revitalized and ready for a look around before the evening stalk, at about 4 pm we came across a lovely 5 point Roe Buck staring through the maze at us and we froze. I moved slowly behind my friend raised the rifle to the sticks and he moved sideways exposing the deer to me, i took off the safety and with a held breath i squeezed on the trigger to hear that satisfying thwak! and the deer drop to the ground.
    What a great day with a fantastic end result.

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    Well done , first of many i hope.

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    Congratulations Radar


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    nice one radar the first it always the best regards biker1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schiehallion View Post
    Who's radar?
    yea whos radar lol radical more like

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    Good job that man!

    Did well finding one in the maize, looks like it's up a bit, and with those tinted specs as well! Must have been using Swarovski's, see the unseen and all that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schiehallion View Post
    Who's radar?
    I am lol and put up a thread about the same time about my first deer !

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    Well done mate,lovely feeling getting that first one under your belt!!

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