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Thread: Farmer and wife facing no charges for shooting

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    Sense has prevailed.

    Mauser M03

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    Its time the law in the country see sence +1 to the CPS for the part in clearing them of any charge,s

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    I'm well chuffed for all concerned and it's nice to see the law on the side of the victims for a change......

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    Shows they acted with the law under the circumstances of the incident.

    Good news.

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    "The law is clear that anyone who acts in good faith, using reasonable force, doing what they honestly feel is necessary to protect themselves, their families or their property, will not be prosecuted for such action.

    Justice prevails
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    Good result for our side and by that i mean the decent and law abiding.
    Let`s hope they get to keep the Shotgun ticket too.


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    cool, that's a good result

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    And an interesting dilemma for those who oppose shooting? Support the use of reasonable force, or support the intruders?

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    good for them

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