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Thread: .17 Hornet

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    .17 Hornet

    Is this rifle out in the uk yet and if so whats the ammo price?

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    i think there was a thing on the about it arn't hornaday releasing it this year so might be out. i think there was something about edgar brothers supplying it or something along those lines

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    Have a look on Edgar bros website and then 17 hornet on tour,promotion to either win,try,buy.
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    Beware. It's plagued with the typical Hornady 17 problem: split brass. A local guy had almost 20% splitting on fired 17 Hornady Hornet.~Muir

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    I will give my 2 pence worth on the 17s if you reload just get the 17 remington its the best small c/f cal for fox and long range vermin, shots easily taken out to 300yds and beyond if your competent enough a classic that will hopefully someday be recognised as such!!!!!
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    spoke to mike at calton moor the other day he said they were going to do an open day sometime soon with the new .17 hornet, along with edgar brothers worth giving him a pm, best to try before you buy

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    Off to one on the 30th September , be interested to see how it performs , there is a few dates with different venues

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    Mate Check out the 19 Calhoon

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    Thanks lads. I think I will lean towards the 17 Rem..

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenjames View Post
    Thanks lads. I think I will lean towards the 17 Rem..
    You wont be sorry. Find a 1 in 9 twist and shoot 25 vmax and your have a cracking tool

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