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Thread: England Forestry stalking leases

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    England Forestry stalking leases

    Has anyone got one of the leases that forestry commission England advertised earlier this year would be interested to know how people got on looked a lot of hoops to jump through

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    Nobody on here get one of the leases or got a interview

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    Too small and most had very little deer impact according to the paperwork, or at least the ones in the SE stated this. Plus I decided that after the last comedy act with the FC I would not bother with them and stick to private leases.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    still nobody ???????????

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    Hi jb,
    Yep, We had a punt on the Shobden Wood (Herefordshire) bit. got as far as the interview but didn't get it.

    Well done and good look to the lads who did by the way.


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    i got as far as formal interview and have levels 1+2 /approved witness/range officer and 45 years of stalking.Ive been told i failed to come to correct standards I was the only candidate to get this far and still lost.Have just spoke to Head wildlife manager and here are a few reasons.When doing carcase inspection i should have said the correct science name for lymph glands,knowing where they are and what to look for was not good enough.Next if you had a problem with your controller a formal discipline procedure was needed(2 verbal and 1 written would have done)shooting together for 30 years and trusting nothing would go wrong not good enough.Next how often do you have your rifle serviced?correct answer was head space,trigger pressure,saftey catch check,daily sound moderator checks should be done,this is general maintance done every time its used not a service.Next was range test carried out by someone with no formal range certificates,various faults recorded of which none mentioned on day the most serious being chambering a round with no backstop,was a bit difficult as backstop was a pile of straw bales.In talks after with manager the woods have not now been let as have most of the others as nobody was deemed good enough.Am i being cynical or was it a very good ploy to prove costs could not be cut and only forest rangers are capable of doing a good job
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    j d w did you ask for feed back like redstag01 seems to have done would be intresting to see if he is right and nobody got them

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    Hi jb,
    Yes we did, but the manager was on holiday and we've had nothing back as yet.

    I was very interested with what RS1 had to say, mmm!

    If I find out any more I shall keep you posted!!

    Thanks for bringing this up.


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    Sounds like a complete stitch-up...

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    would advise everone who applied to ask for feedback and maybe the truth may come out,head forester was back from holiday monday 10th

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