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    pond buck

    well i can say this is a tale of mixed emotions really .
    the ground i got by word of mouth nearly 12 mths ago now was due a visit .we had not been for a month due to pheasant commitments and my mate said he would do the evening pen walk so my stalking buddy and myself got over to the ground by 6 pm ish .
    as i took the last roe buck in early aug i let graham choose the way he wanted to go .we set off on opposite boundries over the rape stubble toward the big wood .i glassed the hedgerows and walked abit and got the caller out a few times .i got to the last field before the wood and decided to stop short of the pond by some 80 m ,i set the sticks and mounted the rifle before using the caller giving a gentle pheep .the field was stubble and standing wheat left as it was so wet with water in the tram lines with a thick hedge line running to the pond .i called again and to my amazement out of the hedge bottom came a fine buck .standing broadside he gave me a fine shot and the 6.5 barked and he crumpled to the 120 gr norma b/t .
    my phone buzzed and i was embarassed to admit to shooting a second fine buck ......jammy bas..rd you are i was told ,i gralloched the buck and left him to cool while i cleaned my hands in the cool pond water .
    i continued to a double seat and watched hare ,fox and heard a pair of raven for the last hour hoping to hear a shot from graham shatter the evening air .alas no shot and at dark i sacked the buck and hiked the mile back to the truck .
    on meeting up with graham i was barracked some more before he told me the big wood was being thinned hence no shot .several seats are in the wood one of which belongs to the previous stalker left for me to use till he collected them .
    the wood is a very pretty place even in winter a place of special beauty and the thought of it being thinned filled me with a dread as the fields are bare and i was hoping it would hold the deer for a while till cultivations were done and the winter set in .modern forestry techniques are hardly one of finess .
    i rang the owners this morning and as the wife has been very ill of late ringing me was not high on the list of priorities understandably ,they said it was thinning and they would not be too long and that the old stalker was finally coming for his seats that i had become fond of as they were the most comfortable i had ever sat in .i got the guys phone number and rang to thank him for the use of the seats and invited him for a stalk should he come up from devon some time .
    so a mixed bag but at least we still have the permission and woods mend eventually ......dont they ?
    hopefully the buck passed his genes on and the does are not too far from the wood .

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    the pond buck ,note the scars on his shoulders .....barbed wire ?
    cheers norma

    Blimey the wife thinks I'm boring you lot must think so too !!!!!!!(8/9/12)
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