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Thread: Make mine a double (rifle) !

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    Make mine a double (rifle) !

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    Awsome footage!!!!
    That man has got balls,and a ready supply of clean underwear I hope!!

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    very impressive! albeit, apart from shooting elephant and lion, both of which I wholeheartedly disagree with..still, very impressive.

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    I would love to own a good double cartridge rifle! They are just too far above my pay-grade. I do have a .58 caliber percussion double rifle. It has the feel and keeps the envy gremlins at bay.~Muir

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    does the thought of liquidating some of your arsenal to fund a double appeal to you

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    Myself with my first stalking rifle in the early 60s, a Merkel O/U DB hammerless ejector in 7X65R calibre.
    I sold it some years ago to pay for double-glazing at my house.
    Whilst doubles are very nice to own they can be a nuisance to a re-loader as generally they are regulated to shoot one specific bullet.
    Mine was made for the 11.2 gramm [173 grain.] RWS round-nosed soft-point bullet.
    I used to put a 173gr re-load in the bottom barrel which had a set trigger and place a 130gr re-load in the top one.
    When the bottom barrel was zeroed into the centre at 100 yards the top barrel shot about 3 inches higher on the target so effectively I had two rifles.
    I could shoot the Roe in woodland with the bottom barrel and Reds out to 200 yards on the mountain taking the same point of aim.

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    like his thinking on the lion follow up a solid as a bush buster and a expanding for second shot ,elle cows after the first shot wall to wall elles
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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post

    does the thought of liquidating some of your arsenal to fund a double appeal to you
    Never crossed my mind. Do people actually sell guns??~Muir

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    Some of the best footage I've ever seen, agree with PKL in that elephants and lions aren't really my thing but if I ever get my 6 numbers up those Cape buffs had better watch out.

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    Christ! Incredible footage.

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