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Thread: SAUER 202 outback

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    SAUER 202 outback

    Been looking at a secondhand one of these, anybody got one?, if so, how do you rate it? worth the money?

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    Sauer 202 Outback

    I have a Sauer 202 Outback and Sako 75, both great rifles, the Sauer has that extra bit of quality the bolt is extremely smooth, some people dont like the safety but i found very little problem from using the Sako, the trigger is a set trigger but i dont use it at all because i find the pull on the trigger perfect, absolutley love the rifle, very light ideal for hill stalking, overall its a great bit of kit. you should definately consider getting an Outback.

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    I love mine in .308 in every fact, dont get me started!

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    Cheers for the replies, gents, I think the deal is just about done. Do either of you have a moderator fitted? I presume the open sights are easily removed?

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    Mine came factory threaded without the open sights, they are handy enough to take off, im putting a T4 on mine just waiting for the permit to
    come through.

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    I have two, they are great guns

    Had my 7x64 threaded with 1/2" unf and then asked the smith to re-drill the sights further back, I can now still use the open sights when using the moderator, and the new position of the front sight hides the old fixing hole for them, so no un-sightly holes in the top of the barrel

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