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    fox litter

    out last night got 4 cubs all vixens all about the sise of a cat this is the first little foxes i have shot this year all the others were big was there another litter all four came runing to the caller and when there maites droped just hung about so not that old and not going to get eney olderfarmer well happy a litter at this time of year to me is bizare are cubs still being born this is a hill farm so not town foxes wild open land very harsh weather for most of the year eney one else had cubs at this time

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    We shot one full grown fox last night and on the rifle report a vixen started shriking four or five hundred yards away, as if calling her cubs ! A bit odd if cubs have grown, and moved out, so we could have a late litter about !

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    Its down to 2 things, either they have been given birth very late, or 2 litters. I have shot over 30 cubs on our estate in 4 months, and some of them have been very healthy and almost fully grown, others I have struggled to get on them, thought they where a small cat or a hare at 200 yards when they caught my eye, as soon as the Schmidt scope was on them, the .22-250 did the job!

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    What was the coat like in colour and weight wise


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    Which part of the country was this in?

    With regard to the two litters thing - as far as I know, vixens only come into season once a year. If that's correct, any extra litters would therefore have to be those of other members of the social group. I would, however, be most interested to hear if anyone has information to the contrary!

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    Quote Originally Posted by philip View Post
    What was the coat like in colour and weight wise

    very light coatlike day glow orange about 4lbs all vixens very fine long slim heads about rabbit size farmer now burnt them so no pictures

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