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Thread: Leica Binos causing vision problems

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    Leica Binos causing vision problems


    I have a pair of Leica 8x20 binos which I have had from new and have had virtually no use. I pulled them out of the cupboard a while ago and took them out to use them, but am finding although everything appears OK when using them, as soon as I put them down my vision goes all funny (I can only describe it as if someone is twisting my eyeball) and it takes a second or two for everything to return back to normal. I have never ever had this with any other binos so am wondering whether there might be a problem with them - can anyone shed any light on this and also does anyone know whether Leicas come with a lifetime warranty like Swaro so maybe I can send them back to be looked at?


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    Hi I have a 10x20 and an 8x40 pair of LEICA bins. Love them both but the 10x20

    do the same to my eyes. I dont think its the bins but our eyes. The 8x40's come with 30you year warranty but not sure about all there range.

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    that sounds like an "accommodation" problem.
    Usually because your eyes have either been straining to see something at distance/slightly out of focus and then returned to something closer/in focus.

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    I'd agree with Bewsher.

    Not 100% on the full optical theory, but our eyes constantly seek to resolve the images received. Unless binoculars are focussed in and adjusted correctly, then our eye muscles try to do the work of focussing. From middle age onwards, these muscles get slower and tire more quickly.

    Anything that affects the quality of the image received will work these muscles harder - rough rule of thumb is that standard binos much above 8/9x produce less depth of field and tend to be more tiring ( not talking absolutes here ). Possibly the 8x20 sizing is causing a similar issue.

    Best technique is to focus out beyond your target and then bring focus adjustment swiftly back to the right point. Swiftly - because your eye is starting to react and back rather than out because ( I've been told, but I dot know ) the eyes lens adjusts more slowly in such cases - giving more time to correct the focus.

    Not familiar with the Leica format - but if it is the double hinge type, these can be harder to set and keep set at the right distance between the eye pieces - again working the eyes to accommodate the mis-alignment.

    Not personally researched any of the above - so could be ( as Mr Rose my old History teacher quoted ) 'piffle and balderdash'. More than happy to be educated.
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    I wonder if it's a collimation problem with the binos? Our eyes are very good at making up for small visual anomalies by working with the brain to "tune out" any discrepancies. Remember that the eyes are a muscle much like any other, so they will adjust to compensate where possible. When you then suddenly remove the binos your eyes will have to readjust.

    Out of interest, when was the last time you went for an eye test at the opticians?


    P.S. have you tried altering the diopter adjustment at all?

    P.P.S anyone who doesn't believe in the brains capacity to alter visual images check this out:
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    As Willie_Gunn said, you have set both your diopters?


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    I may be mistaken, but I think only one of the diopters on the Leica is adjustable? For focusing binoculars there are plenty of websites to advise (e.g.

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    I have the same with one of our guests glasses, once I use them I feel sick after, they are Autofocus binos, its actually your eyes that do the focusing, very hard on the head.

    It sounds like your Leicas are doing the same.

    It sounds odd but try and keep your eyes relaxed when you focus them.
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    I have this problem and it gets far worse as light starts to fade. I use a set of Bausch and Lomb discoverers in 7x42. The main cause for me is one of my eyes is a little bit short sighted and the other is perfect. It can be very frustrating. I would be very interested in whether others with the same problem have found a type of bino that helps the situation.

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    Isn't that what's the diopter is for?

    You adjust for each eye.


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