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Thread: Hornady 117gr SST

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    Hornady 117gr SST


    Just wondering if anyone on here has used these in .25-06 and if they are any good?


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    I too would be interested to know and whether anyone has tried the superformance version. I needed some factory ammo and for various reasons ended up going with a pile of these but haven't had time to test and use them yet. If no one answers you sufficiently and you're in no real rush PM me in 2 weeks time and I'll be able to tell you how I have got on and specific details etc. Sorry that's not much use now but I read quite a bit about the SST generally by starting with searches on this site.

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    Ok nice one thank you very much.

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    Used them for the last 200 rounds. Supremely accurate (though have now been usurped by the astounding accuracy of a 117gr homeload) I zero at about 180 yards ish, give or take the odd inch (deer, fox, etc dont know the difference...) just aim bang on from 50-250. Damage no more in my view than any other soft point. Knobbled fox, goat, big sika and red stags - all go down just the same. Used in Tikka 25-06. For my money 117gr seems the perfect 25-06 bulllet weight.

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    Comforting to hear thanks v much for the info MSpringer.

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    Excellent thanks for the info will definitely give them a go.

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    I've just started using them too. Like Muddy says, they are very accurate through my Sako 85 (clover leaf at 100m). Haven't shot many deer with them yet but what have been shot all fell over with good exit which is good enough for me!

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    i use them for 243,308 and 338.outstanding pills
    I`m afraid when i die the wife will sell my gear for the price i told her

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    Bought some of the Hornady custom this weekend with the 117 sst .25-06 and they are very accurate out of my Howa.

    Thanks for the heads up Muddy Springer

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