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Thread: I need cheering up!!

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    I need cheering up!!

    My work situation has ground to a halt and my mo-jo has gone and need a wee holiday for the first time since 1995... even a wee day in exchange for a day on my grounds... willing to pay for a day or two away from the Central belt rat race.... any suggestions? Thanks.

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    go wild to europe on the boar or somewhere like sweden for a chance at moose, fallow and boar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    .....or somewhere like sweden for a chance at moose, fallow and boar.
    .....or a Swedish uninhibited Blonde. That'll perk your mo-jo up!

    Aah, memories.......
    Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can't eat it, hump it or learn from it then piss on it and walk away.

    "HOSPITALITY" - the art of making guests feel at home (when you wish they were).

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    Come for a walk around my ground. So little to shoot it will make you appreciate yours. And you can give me a hand installing a wood burner

    Cant say fairer than that........
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    I'm currently paying 3.60 per hour for parking in central London for our van, only 3 weeks left though. Has that cheered you up?
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    A day at walked up grouse will clear your heid and cleanse your soul, can't beat a day on the hill, well you can two days on the hill!


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    You have all cheered me up with your kind offers lads... the shooting community rules OK!!

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