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Thread: SD Stalking

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    sorry forgot to log in for the above post please pm me


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    Hi, Im Terry and im on the first three days..
    Travelling up from Poole if anybody is further south they must live on a boat
    Same offer as Brough if anybody is on the first three days and would like picking up enroute get in touch

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    Hi Im Mike,
    and onthe second 3 days,

    I am in selby 8 miles from the A1, would be happy to share costs,
    Im sure I have a few crap jokes too.

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    SD Stalking

    Hi All

    I am on 2nd 3 days also.

    been communicating with Brough and I have volunteered to co-ordinate food etc.

    Pm me with e mail addressess and we can get organised.

    I am in Whitby N Yorks


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    Hello All ,

    I'm on the second 3 days also .
    Also up for sharing costs / driving/ whatever .

    I live near Tadcaster/ Sherburn so very close to you Bobt .

    No special dietry requirements

    My feet don't smell & I try to keep my really crap jokes to myself!


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    I am on the 1st three days and travelling from Tewkesbury up the M5, Pheasant sniper are you travelling up the M5 from Poole? if so we could arrange something if you wish?

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    Hi Clive.

    Thanks for the kind offer

    I was going to look into flights from Poole but travelling up with company is more appealing and ofcourse share the fuel costs

    Let me now where you want to meet up and i will look at it on google map


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    I live a couple of miles from Junction 9 of the M5 in Kinsham, Glos.

    I donít mind how we do it if you still wish to fly then thatís ok, let me know what you decide. I think Poole is about 2 hours drive up through Swindon, Cirencester to Cheltenham then on to me.



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    I forgot to login.



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    The first three days

    I will be travelling to Clives very early sunday for the full monty which has been kindly offered and then we will be making our way on up from Tewkesbury if anybody else on the first three days is on route and would like to join us then youre more than welcome.

    We are hoping to get up in time to have a bit of a walk and maybe enjoy some pub grub so again it would be nice for anyone staying at the accomodation sunday evening or who is fairly local if they would like to join us for something to eat and a pint..



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