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Thread: Used once .223 cases plus dies for Lee kit

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    Used once .223 cases plus dies for Lee kit

    I'm after used once .223 cases plus set of dies for Lee reloading kit.

    Also what is a good powder for .223?

    Thanks David

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    im going to try some loads on saturday morning so will let you know how i get on but im trying h4895 and some with h355

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    I use 4895 & some of the Viht range, plus Nobel Rifle powders

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    Varget with 55gn Nosler BT's

    Have some fun experimenting, your rifle will tell you what it likes.
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    H335 Its all according the twist of the rifle and what grain bullets you are going to use.

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    Have to admit the H335 was slightly better than the h4895, it's the one I'll be trying to work into a stonkingly good group. Using 50grain v-max

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    N120 and 55 grain Nosler BT's

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