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Thread: Worlds Best Apprentice!

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    Worlds Best Apprentice!

    Hello everyone! This thread is about my search for any and all opportunities within the shooting/hunting world. I currently have my shotgun cert, driving licence and a good helping of yorkshire hard work&common sense

    I will be applying for my FAC very soon but Iam very keen to help any shooters and learn all I can about fieldcraft/ pest control /safety/ shot placement and animal behaviour. Please dont think I am trying to get free rifle time at all! Iam perfectly willing to help by driving the 4x4 whilst out night foxing, setting up and running pigeon hides, helping carry deer carcasses. Anything at all to do with the sport Iam happy to do, as Iam going to be doing it my self in the future.

    Any mentors needing a free pair of willing hands within around 50 mile of catterick north yorkshire, please do get in touch.

    Hopefully Ive come across ok in this message! I look forward to any opportunities and helping out in any way.

    Best regards


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