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    This could be a newbie type questions so please don,t shout ,
    I was out on the range midweek for a little practice .
    My mate said what reason have you for having your bipod the wrong way round , News to me .Now I had it on the rifle so when the legs are folded away they point back down towards the stock, he had his so they pointed up towards the muzzle,so maybe I did have it wrong .but he gave no explanation as to why ,so maybe someone could tell me All the Best Brough

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    With the legs folded towards the trigger if you lean into the bipod for a shot the legs will try to fold up and away. the bipod should be used as a rest for the fore end only.

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    As deer man has said if you lean forward on the bipod the way you had it the bipod legs will fold in.

    Having it the other way you can lean into it to steady your shot and the legs hold stiff! Hope that helps mate

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    Thanks guys pretty obvious had I given it some thought so now I know Brough

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    i bet its because it's a larger sit-up type bipod and when the legs are folded forwards they touch either the barrel or silencer and if its a free floating barrel it will render the gun usless i used to have the same problem on a old brno i used to have to turn the bipod the wrong way or i couldnt shoot with the legs in the stored possition

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