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Thread: Anyone else not seeing any bucks?

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    Anyone else not seeing any bucks?

    Struggling at the moment to locate any Roe bucks, plenty of Does and kids galore, is anyone finding the same??
    is it a case of the bucks disappearing for a bit after the rut as i have read this happens....?


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    +1 on that mate,you then think things will be good when doe season starts,then they dissappear,thats deer for you ,just good to be out sometime,to get a deer is just a bonus,good luck

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    ditto , last 3 outings its been does ,, i think the buggers have a calender

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    Always the same after the Rut every year. They need time to rest and recouperate! Plenty of food and rest in the woods and no need to venture out of cover. They will be there somewhere having a well earned rest!

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    im sure the roe deer get beamed up .like in star trek when they become in season.on occasions i have stalked into deer ,brought up rifle and where did deer go.thought it was eyesight playing up as in getting older.but have spoke to other stalkers to hear similar stories.just the nature of the beast

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    Most of them will be in good cover resting after the rut, try finding yourself a spot with good cover, sit and wait, they are there.....
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    Hang around near the maize if you have found any racks

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    September is never a good time for Roe Bucks in my opinion. The rut is over and the bucks just lay up and become very secretive. If you are very lucky you sometimes get a false rut in September, but its unusual and not to be counted on.
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    I've seen hardly any this summer - then two walked out on me at last light a couple of evenings ago.

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    I've been seeing plenty of Bucks, but I'm sure that's because I've not been after them at the time!
    I had one come running full tilt to the Foxpro just before dusk last night, it got to the caller (which was on Pheasant distress), did a couple of circuits looking at it then ran off again!

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