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Thread: Training book for GWP

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    Training book for GWP

    Hi Guys

    Anyone know of a good reference book for training GWP from puppy upwards , my pup is 7 weeks away Yippee , would like to get a bit of reading in prior to.



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    Guy Wallace for me he is certainly the expert on HPR training for deer.

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    Don't know of any books that cover GWP's only but I did a course run by Norman Healy. He at that time only ran GWPs. It was a very comprehensive course covering everything you would want to know. I'm sure if you found his contact details he would be willing to chat to you about training your dog.


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    Alright philip.

    U dinae mention wot ur wantin to train it for deer, general gundog or hpr work.

    I've read quite a few of the hpr training books and was fairly disappionted in them all, not because badly written but because them all pretty much say the same thing, that there is no real 1 size fits all guide to training them, all have to be treated as individuals, some need wound in others encouraged to run wild. I think so much variation between breeds/lines and individuals and also depending on wot u want the dog to do in the end, very different quartering an open moor to a beating line.

    I'm possibly being slighlty harsh but i have read quite a few different gundog books over the years. As 6P said above, either Guy Wallace or Micheal Brander.

    I'd reccommend trying to go to a training day somewhere or looking into hpr clubs in ur area and going along even without ur dog and jist watch listen and learn. If u hit a problem later on ur far better trying to get a 1-1 lesson with a good hpr/gundog (althou some gundog trainer will have nothing to do with hpr breeds) trainer that knows his stuff, a good investment and far better than having a nightmare dog for the next 10 odd years.
    The hpr trial season will prob be started on partridge now, even if u have no interest in trailling go along for a blether and watch and u will pick up on a few things or make a few contacts.

    Rory Major's (Bryanscroft) DVD is very good esp if u've not got a lot of experience gundog training, but if u've been about a bit u might have seen some of it before (i think he's a 'new school' type style similar to the likes off davy lisset or andy platt) I'm pretty sure the boy from Berkshire Gundog training trains and trails hprs (i think wire's?)

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    Cheers Guys. GWP is primarily for deer stalking

    Greatly appreciated

    6 pointer have ordered the Wallace book on amazon, looks pretty good.



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    Quote Originally Posted by philip View Post
    Cheers Guys. GWP is primarily for deer stalking

    Greatly appreciated

    6 pointer have ordered the Wallace book on amazon, looks pretty good.


    you might be disapointed by how short the book is when you get it , i would call it a panflet

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    There is little book called the Armbruster manual, not for everyone's taste though.

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    join the GWP CLUB GB, within that you get all help advice you ever need,

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