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Thread: Scratch in the bore?

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    Scratch in the bore?

    OK just got a sako 85 in .243 which I'm very chuffed with... however had a look down the bore after giving it a clean (properly) and noticed a small scratch (couple of mm) about 3mm down the bore...

    Is this going to effect the accuracy or shall I just keep using it and see how I get on?

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    If its new i'd take it back and demand one that doesn't have a scratch!

    If its second hand....depends on who you bought it off. Shop, take it back, private you might just have to suck it and see.

    Either way I hope you get it all sorted.



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    Will be pretty upset if I have to take the rifle back - just got a new deer shoot and don't really want to be without a rifle for a month

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    To be honest my sako also has a couple of scratches down the barrel but it doesn't seem to effect it at all

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    If its new, take it back. Its not good enough. It may shoot alright, but its surface roughness that will acculmulate copper and be a long term detriment to accuracy.

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    Any damage is not good and will result in long term damage. Depends on how much you need your rifle, i would be taking it back, whats a month when a rifle can last a lifetime........
    "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it." Agatha Christie

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    NUTZ! I have had rifles that have had the front sight screw hole drilled completely though the barrel into the bore and it's taken no ill effect. (a pair of Remingtons, to be precise) Didn't even know that was the case until I removed the front sight and the light shined through. Anybody hear of magna-porting? Using an EDM machine to cut ports in the barrel?? How do you think a scratch compares to that? I have an exceptionally fine 1914 Spandau Mauser that has a pristine bore but for where a blot of corrosion took out a small section of one land of rifling. It is painful to look at but the rifle has shot exceptionally well over the last 20 years. I could go on....

    If the rifle is new and you can't stand the sight of that scratch, return it. We can't make it better from here. Shoot it and perhaps you won't care about the scratch.~Muir

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    trust me, if you put enough cleaning rods through it over a year, you'll probably end up giving it a buddy or two. if it shoots and you love it, keep it.

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    PKL and Muir have given me some very fine advice since I joined SD, so am gonna try shooting it and will stick with it if it shoots straight... Fingers crossed! If not I'll take it back and get a replacement!

    As always a lot of helpful replies so thanks very much to you all

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    you should see the bores on some of my rifles!
    not new granted, but its the rifling that matters and even then only small parts of it

    if it doesnt shoot (I bet it will) then take it back. no reason why I would hand it back until the new one has arrived. not your problem
    even a 4MOA accurate gun is going to give you something to stalk with (that 4" groups, plenty good enough for most stalking)

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