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Thread: 18x1 muzzel brake

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    18x1 muzzel brake

    hi people im after a stainless very shiny if poss 18x1 muzzle brake
    for my 22-250

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    I have one for a .30 cal if thats of interest?

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    I have one of my 223

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    what sort of price are you looking for and have you got any pic's?

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    sorry mines black

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    Muzz brake on a 22-250,is report too much

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    its never to much mate the more noise the beta lol

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    ive got a third eye tactial pepper pot one here 50 and its yours wull go up to 6.5mm
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    richard pope of swift rifles make some very nice brake's

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    thank you too you all for all your help will keep you in mind once i have cash


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