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Thread: The British Firearms Law Handbook.

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    The British Firearms Law Handbook.

    As ever guys, the title says it all. There's an advert on the CPSA website. Clay Pigeon Shooting Association - CPSA
    23.00. Could be handy?

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    The 2002 HO guidance is free online and is basically the user orientated version of the uk firearms laws for general use by police. As a reference text it might be quite useful now and again.

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    This book is full of inaccuracies such as the section on controlled component parts "we would typically include a firing pin" it says. There is no basis in law for a firing pin to be a controlled component part. Pressure bearing parts are controlled not a pin the sets off the charge.

    There's many other mistakes and errors,

    Best book is home office guidance and BASCs fact sheets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mperring View Post
    Best book is home office guidance and BASCs fact sheets.
    We have a link to the HO document stickied in this sub forum. Maybe you should ask admin to provide a stickied thread to the BASC fact sheets also, after providing them with a link etc.

    Just a thought...

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    The book is written by a solicitor and a barrister both specialists in firearms law, what legal training do you have? What other inaccuracies are there and what do you think the outcome would be if somebody were ever tried for possessing a firing pin of a rifle without authority?


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    Just because you may have spent some years getting qualifications doesn't mean you will be fair, objective and have balanced views. I know many academic people, especially in the expert witness world who have an Uncle Tom & police orientated attitude. Take professor Peter Squires who's allied to the gun control network. He has made wild assertions about gun crime and has effevtively demonised the gun regardless of the people who have misused them. He has a skewed and biased view as is his right but I will say that he is getting better and there is much common ground between his work and that of the shooting world than first thought.

    My professional position at BASC (including BASC lead on the review of Home Office guidance on firearms law) was obtained on merit, being able to read law as well as referring to the latest legal clarification from the courts and firearms consultative committee.

    A firing pin is simply not a pressure bearing part as the extract from the Ninth Firearms Consultative Commitee report shows. The book by messrs Saunsbury and Doherty does not give any reason or backing for why only they include firing pins, such as a stated case!

    In fact their book on at para 1-19 says "in additon to these items we would probably add the firing pin (if a seperate item) and we suggest that an appropriate question might be - 'is it an item without which it will not operate as a lethal barrelled weapon'" - this claim is wholly without any substance and is a wild and dangerous assertion. It's leading towards asking the same question about gun stocks because lets face it it would be quite painful and impractical to fire a .243 rifle without a stock!!!!

    It is important to differentiate between general components such as nuts and bolts and those subject to certification. In the book they clearly include firing pins in the controlled category. An author adding what they think without a reasoned basis is unhelpful. We have enough threats against the trade and shooting as it is, we don't need help from our own kind. Some policeman may read that book as may the CPS and the next we have a case where a person is prosecuted for owning something like a small crochet needle that's useless on its own. Does that help you??

    "It is widely accepted by police and the shooting industry that the detail provided in the 9th Committee report (as quoted in “Firearms Law: Guidance to the Police” 2002 by the Home Office) that component parts are held to include (i) the barrel, chamber or cylinder, (ii) frame, body or receiver, (iii) breech, block, bolt or other mechanism for containing the charge at the rear of the chamber, (iv) any other part of the firearm upon which the pressure caused by firing the weapon impinges directly."
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    I imagine that as solicitors or barristers they are offering an opinion as to what a component might be and i am sure most people involved with firearms would consider a firing pin to be a component of a firearm. The quote in your last paragraph isn't law nor does it emanate from any stated case either, but is 'widely accepted', so why berate Messrs Saunsbury and Doherty for their view? I don't understand your point about a crochet needle it seems rather irrelevant.


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    Sling swivels are a component part of a firearm too. They are a component which bears the pressure whilst carrying the rifle.
    I have a couple of spare ones here not listed on my FAC.
    Am I a criminal too ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Homes View Post
    I don't understand your point about a crochet needle it seems rather irrelevant.

    Well the rest of us do and it's a "point" (pardon the pun) well made.

    If I may also be Frank.

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    Just because someone is a barrister or lawyer doesn't make them right. I know of one well known person who makes a living defending wildlife criminals, in the case that I have first hand experience of, he deserved an Oscar! If I lied in Court surely that would be purgery or contempt of Court yet when he does it on a daily basis he's a jolly good chap! Mad world! JC

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