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Thread: Alternative CWD trophy presentation

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    Alternative CWD trophy presentation

    Hi Guys

    Last year i was luck enough to take a gold medal CWD, I could not afford a full shoulder mount so decided to boil out and find an alternative method of presenting the head, i didnt like a typical shield as i felt it does not do the head and of course tusks justice. I then started thinking of a pedestal type arrangment. I then decided i wanted to use a set of roe antlers as part of the display as they were perfectly formed to show the head. The pics below are not the finished trophy but just the head on the antlers to see if it looked good, whats your thoughts? i appreciate it may not be to everyones taste. The head and antlers will be mounted as shown on to a black marble base with the medal reccessed inoto the marble to sit plush with a small plaque also. The pics definantly dont do it justice.

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    It looks great bud. It reminds me of shakespear some how lol. Cheers Hootsman
    Just Shoot The F..king Thing!

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    Each to their own I guess, personally doesn't do it for me, I made a small shield with a shelf on it for my chinky so the skull sits side on with the jaw included. But its entirely up to what you like, its certainly original!
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    Cheers Hootsman, I agree about it being profil deerstalker.308 so plan to mount it on the base so that it presents to the side as shown in the second pic so the CWD skull is the focal point and not the roe antler

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    I like it, think it will look good with a nice wooden base and a bit different.

    Is that the BASC medal?


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    Nice trophy but personally the only way to do such a fine specimen justice is a full mount. Sometimes I freeze mine until I'm in a position to get it mounted. Nice teeth though.

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