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Thread: R8 Cocking lever query

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    R8 Cocking lever query


    I have a Blaser R8 with a Zeiss Illuminated Control (IC) scope where the illuminated red dot can either be switched on manually by pulling one of the scope turrets out or, if you have the IC cocking lever fitted, simply by cocking the rifle. I foolishly opted not to have the IC cocking lever fitted at the time of purchase as I didn't think it was necessary (and I felt it was a tad lazy too) but I'm regretting it now as its one less thing to think about at that critical moment especially where munties and more specifically driven boar are concerned. I know the IC cocking levers can be retro-fitted but is this a minor task which can be done at home or does it require a skilled smithy?

    Any help gratefully received. Thanks in advance.


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    Surely the battery lasts sufficiently that you can just turn it on when you set out on a stalk and turn it off when you finish?

    My illuminated Schmidt takes a cr2032 type battery and they last a fair while.

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    Good point rarms but the ingenious Germans incorporated a battery saving function so it switches itself off after 20mins, or thereabouts.

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