just thought i would put a little post up on here regarding dauntsey guns in wiltshire ive beeen using the shop now for about a year and there knowledge, prices and friendlyness hasnt failed to keep suprising me. its a shop run by two chaps clint and marlon who are just down to earth shooting chaps who dont have the need to look down there noses at there customers like many other gun shop owners and workers plus they seem to do it all as well from air pellets to reloading (inc a reloading room set up with all the latestest reloading kit ready to use), decoying equipment to highseats and air rifles to centre fires i really cant rate them enough and anyone whos interested should give ther website a look just google dauntsey guns and you will find it but please dont go buying them out of all there cheap sako .243 ammo as i need to go and pick up a few boxes asap