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Thread: wild English partridge

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    wild English partridge

    I have been seeing decent numbers of wild birds this year whilst harvesting, but to my surprise i am seeing good numbers of wild English partridge. Anyone else have an increase in their areas?

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    We too have a good number of wild english partridge on the shoot this year. I have also seen a good number of pheasant poults and even some young french partridge.

    I think alot of people thought it was going to be a poor year because of the wet weather we had but things are looking good.
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    Good numbers in Moray & Banffshire this year reported (saw a young brood 2 weeks ago), I guess the weather must have turned better after the grouse hatch but was still pretty wet mid June (although warmer) - 2nd hatch prevelant I suspect.

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    i'v been out around our shoot a few times and seen some good numbers. they'v never been released round our way so are all wild and breading. very nice to see

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    Not sure about English partridge, but the Scottish grouse have faired better than expected i thought they where Grey....

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    Three barren pairs and a single cock bird so far, so looking very poor here. We had a good stock this spring so were hoping for a good season this time around, one when we might even shoot a few. Not to be though from what we have seen so far.

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    Looking good here seen many pairs whilst dogging in I feared the worst for this seasons Birds but obviously no need to...

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    seeing pairs is'nt good at all.........

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    We have seen an increase in the last couple of years,although this year has not been so great the English seem to be ok but not much other wild game.

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