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Thread: First Deer for many a year

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    First Deer for many a year

    I recieved my fac around feb for a 243 after doing the DSC1 with Jelen. In a past life i was a Farmer and on occasion would cull Fallow that had been hit by cars. I gained permission from a near by Farmer and have been out mainly from a high seat about half a dozen times, i have seen Munjak and Fallow Does some with fawn, but no shot untill last light last night, when a large Muntjak wandered around in some long grass about 70yds infront, still no shot.I watched for about 5mins and was thinking i would blank again when an off white Buck walked out of the woods in front it was a fairly large Spiker, i took the shot,reloaded, it took one step forward one back and dropped, i waited with it in my sights maybe not quite as long as i was taught (15mins) before i walked up to it (did the eye check). I gralloghed it where it lay, then walked a mile back to the car to take the rifle, back pack etc and pick up a plastic sheet, i thought this would work as a sled across the grass....,it would if you have two Oxen to pull it!!! It took me an hour to drag it back then struggeled to get it in the back of the Volvo, i had forgoten how heavy they are, or is it age related or that i used to have a forklift. I have just finished eating the first Joint simply roasted with Carrots Potatoes and French beans out of the Garden, cant be doing with this hanging about...

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    Well done hoodwink the first is always the hardest but they don't get any lighter stick to muntjac


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