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    She doesn't have anything to do with deer yet but I'm just rather pleased with how flat out awesome our Alsatian has turned out.
    Two years old next week. Good square back (not a US style mutant) and parents apparently had good hips. Great pet/guard.

    I used to wear leather gardening gloves for playfighting. Might need gauntlets now she's grown up!

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    nice looking dog mate. My mrs really wants one as she had one as a kid but i'd rather we got another lab or a spaniel.

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    A guy I used to stalk with always used German Sheperds for deer dogs they were wonderful at finding shot deer.
    But if you were driving through the forest with him in his car and he stopped and got out the sheperd would not let you get out of the car until he came back and told it to let you out.
    It seemed he lived in a realy rough area and people ( scrotes ) used to break into cars to steal so he used to leave his dog in the car and then just call the police and they would come and collect the thief.

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    Thats a beautiful dog..Sure she'll do you proud,intelligent,fearless,good nose and obedient,what more do you want.
    Id have one but the problem with Shepherds is trying to find one physically and mentally sound nowadays...she looks cracking.Have fun with her.
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    Thats a cracking dog youve got there mate, any side standing shots?

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    Will rustle something up when I get back home, Nick. Hope all is well with you.

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    First Photo looks like a Malinoius not that thats a problem,but playing with it like one of the other photos shows is not a good idea.Far more energy than the German needs something to do.
    Nice looking dog

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    I agree Kit, not a dog I would rough play with, you need a stop command thats 100% reliable with any dog you play with like that. My Toller was totally reliable with good bite inhabition, he never broke my skin but murdered rats!
    Youve got a great looking dog there without a sloping back which is spot-on for the breed.

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    I half put the pic up to garner opinion on the matter so I'm glad you both mentioned it.
    She doesn't get carried away (very patient from putting up with a friend's autistic son arsing around with her) and hasn't yet failed to be called off something. I'm not sure whether too much or too little playfighting could turn her too soft or too hard (either input leading to either outcome) so don't do much (maybe 2 or 3 times a month). I hasten to add that it's very much a boxer/coach punching pads event, not equals sparring.

    What do people think weight wise btw? She's 35kg. Sometimes feels like she has a little spare but not much. A meal is either: 1) half a tin wet and a pint glass of dry or 2) a rabbit.

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