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Thread: What rifle sako or steyr manlicher ?

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    What rifle sako or steyr manlicher ?

    Just got my variation for a.308 can't decide which one to go for, I've looked at the sako 85 finlight but been told that the steyr mannlicher is a much better rifle

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    if i had the choice i would take the sako

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    i've got a sako hunter .308 and can't say a bad thing about it if thats any help to you. it never misses a beat.

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    I've got a steyr and I love it it's never let me down shoots sub inch groups all day long. At the end of the day they are both good rifles it's down to personal preference. Good luck

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    sako i have 3 all shoot ragged holes

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    It depends what you want to do. I've owned both makes of rifle, but if you look at my gallery you won't see either now. Both work well out of the box. Good luck. JCS

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    I have a Sako in 6.5 x 55. Hunter in blue and wooden frame , Very impressed with the build quality and shoots sub .50 inch looking at the 308 now. To get, nice piece of reliable kit.

    The 85 has a bolt release that allows the safety to be kept on when removing bolt, brilliant ideal, the bolt cannot be re inserted without taking safety off though, bit confusing at first, but all in all it could stop a discharge when unloading, you never know, I have got used to mine now and I am impressed by it overall, recommend Sako 100%


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    What use is a stalking rifle with a bolt which moves up with a clunk as you push the safety off? Forget the Steyr.

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    thats when the saftey is in safe bolt postion. i have one in 30.06 brilliant weapon cant fault it but each to there own both are first class work horses

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    Both great rifles - I chose sako as its a bit lighter

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