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Thread: Leicester police want you to check in with them!

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    Leicester police want you to check in with them!

    BASC refuse to support Leicestershire police’s voluntary notification scheme

    The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has refused to support a new scheme from the Leicestershire constabulary which asks shooters to notify them every time they go shooting.

    Leicestershire police are proposing a voluntary notification of shooting events scheme which they claim will reduce the number of false alarms when armed police response units have to check ‘sightings’ of people with guns.

    BASC chief executive, John Swift, said: “This is a half-baked idea that must be given much greater consideration. Such a scheme is unworkable and potentially dangerous other than for localised and very specific situations. Any scheme that is not tightly targeted will generate dangerously vague obligations and expectations that will not be met. I have called on Leicestershire police to go back to the drawing board and make sure that they have the full understanding and support of shooting organisations before they go any further.”

    BASC members and the wider shooting community seek to maintain the highest standards of safety and good practice and BASC will be happy to work with Leicestershire constabulary on any such firearms related issues that they feel need attention.


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    This is something that we do here in Northern Ireland David, in fact I think it is a condition or at least a recommendation on our FAC. With that in mind it might be worth talking to the BASC people in Lisburn and seeing how they work it and what their take on it is.

    While I fully understand where you and BASC are coming from there is also a positive aspect to it in that it allows those who are shooting to make regular, and positive, contact with their local police force and also highlights just how many people are out shooting and how little actual trouble they cause.

    Here in Northern Ireland, for example, it might be interesting to see how many times police were informed of the intention of someone, or a group, to go shooting and how many of those instances resulted in an "incident." I'm willing to bet the first number is rather large and the second one is very small or zero.

    So, although I'm always against more regulation there is scope to get something positive out of this if it proves impossible to prevent it.

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    I had a bit of land in Dorset where it was always best to inform the Police so that they were aware when a local, known to us, busybody would always ring them as I entered the area.
    The only down side was that sometimes I would be met at some point by one or two Police Officers that were 'interested in what goes on when lamping' so turned up to see!

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    I hear what you say , but the system / culture over here is much different.

    What happens if say your local farmer calls you because the deer, pigeons, rabbit are hitting his crop and he needs you there ASAP- does that mean you can't go shooting until the police have given you the OK?

    What happens if you forget to tell the police you are going shooting?

    Working with the police to 'educate them' has to be a good thing, but frankly even if you have called them, and they get a report of a man with a gun..they are still going to have to come out aren’t they?


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    david i see where your coming from on this and have to agree
    with you . i can see the advantages of phoneing up if you live
    in a sensitive area where you think it may save a lot of hassle
    and theres nothing stopping anybody doing that as it stands
    i for one would not like to see it made compulsuary
    so i thank you for your stance on this regards pete .

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    A few years back, I had a local bobby ask me the same thing. Said it would be better if I "booked in" with the local Police before I went lamping...He was not too pleased when i asked him if he would ring me before he went to play golf!

    Glad to see BASC taking a firm stance on this and hopefully nip it in the bud. Its *always* the shooting/hunting community who are expect to compromise and in doing so slowly our rights and freedoms get eroded away..

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    In Lincolnshire the Police encourage us to notify them if lamping at night, and give us an incident number it avoids a false call out if they get a report.

    I also use a lamp for newt surveys at night, and notify the Police, format is the same and I also get asked what calibre I am using - that always makes me smile.

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    Im with Pete E on this, hope it get's nipped in the bud soon


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    Here in north Hampshire i always notify the police control room when lamping at night only takes a couple of min's and as cjm1066 said it avoids false call out's and leaves the police to get on with there job.

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