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Thread: Machete recommendations?

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    Machete recommendations?


    Am looking to get a machete for a bit of light scrub clearance and was wondering whether anyones got any recommendations please? I was considering the Gerber Gator Large Machete but read a few poor reviews. I found another one that looked good called the Ontario Sawback with an 18" blade, but you cant seem to get them over here - any suggestions?

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    Tramontina is better and cheaper than those mentioned, have a look on Heinnies site.

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    I use one of these , a good blade holds an edge and wont bend like some other cheapies, Machete | Camping | Activity Type | Whitby and Co

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    I can endorse the recommendation from JC43, it's an excellent tool and the one I choose from the others when serious cutting is needed.

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    I have a Martindale Golok (Crocodile marked) which came with a sheath and sharpener too.


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    I use the newer style Army issue machete, it has a bulbus end to it. Top bit of kit.

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    Hi, I used a "stihl swiss brush hook" for my work in clearing brush and brambles in some rough gardens. I found it a very usefull tool.


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    Thanks Guys and especially JC43 - one of the machetes from Whitby is now on order and I'm sure will be perfect for my needs and at a sensible price inclding a sheath (16.95 delivered)

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