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    New to the forum

    Hi guys. I've just been browsing your forum and it looked pretty good, so I thought I'd join. It looks like there's a lot to be learned here.

    My name's Neil and I'm 28. I've had a SGC for about 2 years and an FAC about 18 months. Most of my shooting is Bunnies with my HMR but I'm hoping to get more into stalking in the next Doe/Hind season. I'm here for a little help really. I've shot a White tail in Canada with my .375 and done the relevant grallock etc, even butchered it myself, but I'm not really up to the standard I should be for the UK. Here I have a little experience with the 6.5 and Red Hinds, but only a couple. I was helped with everything by a friend so to be honest I'm very new to this!

    I have a Roe Doe permission for the coming season and an open FAC. Rifles are a .17HMR, .22 Hornet, 6.5x55 and a .375H&H Mag. I also have a slot for a .300 Win Mag which I intend to get set up for longer range hill use. I use light Barnes TSX in the 6.5 so felt I needed something heavier for long range Reds.

    What I'm really looking for is someone who I can follow around. Help with dragging out and the like, just so I can learn from a real stalker. As I say I can shoot them fine, but that's just the tip of the iceberg isn't it!

    Anyway, I'm off to have a good read. I'm sure I'll get to pester a few of you for info in the coming weeks and maybe even help give advice on subjects I know a little more about.


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    I took the route you are looking to follow. I tagged along with an experience stalker for 2 years. He enjoyed the company, though when pushed he reckoned younger eyes and a dragger were equally important! I learnt enough to go and do teh DSC 1 and also I learnt enough to know how little I know!!!!



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    You're lucky to find a good guy willing to take you out. I started out with a mentor who is really good (I still shoot with him now) but we really couldn't get out often enough for me to learn as much as I'd like. I'd happily get up early a few days a week to get into things better, but all I've managed so far is a few trips away as my friend doesn't have a lot of ground locally. He'll be coming with me on my new patch when the eason starts, but I'd like to get to see some bucks too ideally.

    It drives me mad. I pest shoot on an estate near home but they already have a pro stalker in there. I just never manage to bump into him to have a chat! There are Deer everywhere in Gloucestershire, especailly around the Stroud area where I live, and I still haven't managed to get one in this county yet

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