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Thread: My first Charlies

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    My first Charlies

    I have been shooting for about 10 years now since i was 16 but only shotguns. I have also been shooting the same land for that time which totals around 1100 acres.
    In all those ten years i have only ever seen 5 fox's but this year there's something in the water and they'v been breading like, well fox's.
    A few weeks ago i was out on some rape stubble in a nice comfy hide on a lovely warm day shooting a few pigeons, i had 15 shell decoys out and also 10 dead birds on cradles and maybe 15 dead birds that i had already shot. Obviously out pigeon shooting i was looking in the sky for incoming grey missiles when i noticed something in the pattern, to my shock it was a fox slinking in between the decoys having a good look about.
    I didn't react very quickly probably more out of shock than anything and just watched him sniffing about, but then he made a big mistake, he headed straight for the dead bird on a cradle closest to me and the cheeky bugger picked it up turned and started walking off. BANG goes the Escort and splat goes the fox. My first Charlie!

    Fast forward a few weeks;

    Out lamping some bunnys with a friend of mine we had already seen 4 fox's but none of them falling to the squeek and none within range as we only had the .22.
    We pull onto a field that has been cut for a couple of weeks, the same field a guy last week shot 3 fox's on and at the end of the field in the 'safe zone' was a shining pair of white eyes. FOX i shouted almost too loudly.
    So out with the squeeker. I bought a Acme Predator Call a while back and if im honest its rubbish (or more like im rubbish) it sounds more like Donald Duck after a particularly hot vindaloo. So after a few farts with that i decided to just use my mouth to squeek since i have been practicing while driving.
    'squeek squeek sqeeeek' the eyes start charging towards me! To say i was calm would be a lie so i got comfy and waited. She was still coming from 300yards, 250yards,100yards,50yards, BARK, she stopped still looked straight at me and squeeze the trigger POP goes the .22.

    Cr*p i'v bloody missed it how the hell have i done that i have been head shooting bunnys all night and been shooting well and now a bigger target perfect range and i'v missed. Or have i??
    What i didn't realize was she had dropped exactly where she was stood behind some straw and lay there motionless with a small hole just above her eye and a much bigger hole on the back of her head. What amazes me is how beautiful they are, its almost a shame to have to kill them but i understand completely that they have to be controlled. Stunning creatures both of mine were in tip top condition.

    Sorry if i have bored anyone just thought i would tell my tale of the first fox's i have shot one with shotgun, one with rifle.

    Thanks for reading


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    Lovely read I have also had a few foxes with the 22lr and close range it really does the job and dropping them on the spot!

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    Went out last night and had 2 , both in great condition , well not after a 75 g vmax . Have not shot one with mange for a long time . Well done with the 22 .

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    good man! now for a 22-250

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    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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    All the foxes I have shot in the last 2 months (14) have been if fabulous condition, it is almost a shame do put them on the midden.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    Well done! Of the 114 I've had so far this year, one was so badly affected by mange it was like a half rat-half fox mutant, while another had a large patch that appeared to have healed after some charity vet had worked on it. The rest were all in perfect condition, albeit with some 'slight bullet damage'.

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    well done paddy ive been a bit slow this year only just over the 30s but my last ne witnessed by olivhar from here was a corker took the strike about 2 seconds to come back love it

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    well done Filzee. Biggest problem is its addictive!!

    I had 29 upto August but then 28 in August and 3 more since!! They seem to have had a great breeding year and cubs are big and strong and moving off patch earlier than usual round here

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    Quote Originally Posted by shootingduckdog View Post
    28 in August
    Well done - you did better than me, I only had 23 in August.

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